Martina Stock - electroacoustic harp with light

a visual perfroming soundsculptur

Video | Martina Stock | electroacoutisc harp with ligth

From the very beginning, it was my love for a very special instrument,
the harp, which has always been an inspiration for my artistic work.
The result is an individual interpretation of my favorite instrument,
which is deliberately different from the classical image of the harp.


Martina Stock - electroacoustic harp with light
a visual performing soundsculpture

Martina Stock is a harpist known
for her fusion of classical harp and electronic music.

Her original compositions range from pieces with
touching and catchy melodies to rousing,
energetic tracks that underline the versatility of this musical project.

The melody of the lead harp, which can also be perceived
as "singing", as singing narratives, merge with the
rhythmic beats and electronic textures.
Martina Stock's compositions are located in the areas of
neo-classical, electro and film music.

The live performance, a "visual performing soundsculpture" shows an
innovative interplay of light, sound and technology.

The harp, an instrument with a long history in classical music,
finds a refreshing reinterpretation in this interplay, in which profound
melodies are harmonized with pulsating beats and grooves.
The boundaries between tradition and avant-garde are blurred.

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Martina Stock is a harpist and artist,
known for her fusion of classical harp and electronic music.
She studied art at the Kunstuniversität Mozarteum Salzburg,
at the the Naturwissenschaftliche Universität Salzburg,
was awarded an Erasmus scholarship to pursue her studies in Cracow
and then continued her studies at the Universität der Künste Berlin,
graduating in 2009 with Master‘s degrees.

Between 2010 - 2015 she was supported by study grants from the
City of Vienna and Künstlerhaus Salzburg.
From 2015 - 2018 she was a scholashipholder at the Starke Foundation in Berlin.
In 2010 she was co-founder and solo harpist of Ciference Symphony.
After the resolution of this project in 2016, she founded her solo project
MARTINA STOCK | electroacoustic harp with light in 2017.

She performs as a solo harpist with her own repertoire.
In Europe as well as in Asia she fascinates her audience
with her music and her innovative interpretation of harp playing.
Concert invitations have taken her to places like: (selection)
Oriental Art Center Shanghai, Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall, Forbidden City Concert Hall,
Grand Theatre Concert Hall Shandong China, Valentiny Foundation Luxembourg,
Zionschurch Berlin, Zig Zag Club Berlin, 100 Year Anniversary Airport Tempelhof Berlin,
Moritzbastei Leipzig, St. Pauli Church Hamburg,
at the Smart Illumination Festival in Yokohama, Tokyo

and as a support for Ólafur Arnalds Muffatwerk Munich,
Silent Green, Berlin for Gloria de Oliveira & Dean Hurly, Sonic Morgue 15.

Her owncompositions are part of her audiovisual installations and performances.
These include, among others: 100 FEMAEL VOICES - Portraits of significant female
artists from 100 years of the Salzburg Festival, THE RED MORPHEUS,
THE BLUE EROS and are presented nationally and internationally.

Martina Stock's music has been supported by public fundings such as Initiative Musik,
Popstipendium for Newcomer:in, Musicboard Berlin and City Salzubrg.